Sunday, September 25, 2011


I couldn't be happier and this is why.......
You see, my youngest son is home from Afghanistan for 15 days of R & R and on his second day back home, he surprised his girlfriend of 8 years. It was her 22nd birthday, she had no idea he was home on R & R. Once she recovered from that surprise, surrounded by family and friends, he got down on one knee and proposed!!! He actually waited until we were finished with dinner before he did the proposing. We figured if he proposed before dinner, she wouldn't be able to eat!
Now, my family and I have had a tremendous amount of sadness over the last 6 months (I'll post about that later) and it's nice to know that there is still joy to be had in this world.
I really couldn't be happier!
I love her like I love my only daughter!
My son couldn't envision his life without her. His deployment made that very clear for him!
Kale and Kacey.....I love you both very much and my hope for you both is nothing less than a lifetime of happiness!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hard to say Goodby...

It was a wonderful ceremony!!

Farewell ceremony to honor 45th

Weekend Fun!

This is probably the last time that Keira and Jaden and will get to see their Uncle Kale for a year or see he leaves next Saturday to prepare for his deployment to Afghanistan. I'm still not sure of his exact schedule - I think that is what selective amnesia is for!!! He'll be home for 3-4 days the end of March, for sure, and then we are hoping for a few days the first part of May, that I'm not sure of. And then, he will be in Afghanistan sometime in June...this mother's worst nightmare come true!
So...this weekend has been all about family, fun and food!
Uncle Kale promised to take Jaden fishing.

And this was their first catch of the day!! By the look on Jaden's face I don't think that he is quite sure about wiggly and slimmy~!
And then Keira had fun with her Uncle Kale chasing Jaden. Her little legs couldn't ever catch her big brother so Uncle Kale had to help. He hoisted her on his shoulders and the chase was on! She laughed so hard you couldn't help but laugh too!

I just love this picture!!
Right after this picture was taken Auntie Erin and I went home to start dinner. On the menu, Hillbilly Spaghetti! This has become one of my family's favorites!
Keira and Jaden spent the night to spend even more time with their Uncle Kale.
On the agenda today, Keira and I are going to make Uncle Kale cake balls!
Here's to the memories that will have to last us a year!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Since tomorrow is the 14th....and
Happy Valentine's Day!!