Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have been in the process - since Memorial Day! - of re-doing my guest room.
I got the curtain rod and curtains hung this week and I love them! I got rid of the levelors, finally - so, let the sun shine in!! The black drapes totally block out the light and the white curtains insulate to keep out the heat and cold, which is important since this window faces the west, they work great by the way! I still want to get some trim to put around the lamp shade. To the left in this picture you can see a hint of red...just wait until you see how this vignette turned out!!
A close up of the chest -
And here is my vignette...
I absolutely love how this turned out!! I actually have a collection of white plates and platters that I had intended to go here. After I got the walls painted the white just didn't pop! But boy,
do I love the red and black against this wall color! And, I love the different mediums - it's just not plates.
It is so funny how some things just come together! You have a little space.... and you find a little picture and there you have it!
Made these myself. Just printed these inspiring sayings on my computer and put them in a $3.99 Hobby Lobby Frame!
It never hurts to start the day out by being inspired!
Sometimes I really struggle and have to ponder awhile before I come up with a design layout. That is what I love about the blog world. I get so inspired when I visit other peoples blogs!
THANK YOU for inspiring me!
I wanted to share with you my latest accomplishment!
I have had these prints for quite some time and finally decided to take and have them framed.
I am really pleased with how they turned out!

And, I really love the frames!
Then, I had already bought these cute little roosters or are then hens - no matter. Look at how well they match the frames!
Now....I just have to figure out where in my kitchen to hang them!

When I figure out where they will land I will show you their new home!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More from Ft. Benning!
This is where Kale has called home for the last 11 weeks now.
Now, as a mother, it sometimes is the small things that make us so happy! These are the very mailboxes that Kale has put all letters to home in - and don't you know that I have saved every letter!
Home away from home! But, I really don't think that Kale has considered this home! This has been the furthest thing from home possible!
Kale was on the other side of this very barrack, the second floor!
That open, first floor is where we saw Kale for the very first time!
That is Drill Sargent Brownlee in the middle - he was disciplining these soldiers because they were letting family members go into restricted areas! Geez...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Well, I survived my whirlwind trip to Ft. Benning, Georgia! Barely....
It will take a few days to get caught up on my sleep!
We got on the road at 9:45 a.m. and my head hit the pillow at 1:15 a.m. Georgia time.
Have you ever been exhausted and exhilarated at the same time?
But, we were able to get a few hours of shut eye!
We arrived early to Ft. Benning and were able to purchase a few souvenirs!
While we were standing in line my son's girlfriend grabbed my arm and said "Momma, there he is!" WHAT!! WHERE?? For whatever reason, I was expecting Kale to be in his dress uniform. So, I wasn't paying any attention to all the soldier's in their fatigues. As I perused all the faces - there, with the biggest grin on his face, was my son! A girl couldn't help but jump up and down!! After the longest separation ever - was my now, soldier! My cup runneth over with pride!
We then had a meeting with the Commander at 0800 and he briefed us on everything that our soldier's have been through over the last 10 weeks and 4 days!
We then went to view a demonstration of the marching skills that they have learned since being at basic training. This is the formation that we found them in - facing away from the bleachers and all the family members. One by the one the 4 Drill Sargent's called for their individual units to 'FALL IN'.Commander Thomas G. Flook, Jr.
Is that my son! And with a rifle no less!!
There was total individual and unit precision!
He was on the front row almost directly across from us. His Drill Sargent has nicknamed him 'Smiley' - so you can just imagine how hard it was for him - not too...
After the demonstration, and by the way it was a judged event and there was only one winner. For the other 3 units, they got to demonstrate 3 different types of push-ups as their punishment!
And then it was back to the barracks to change into their dress uniforms.
Kale's unit did a Gomer Pyle cadence - I sure wish I could remember the words!
I still find it hard to believe that that is my son!
His little girlfriend and I joked about who he would hug first! I warned her that if he went for her first I would have to take her out, take her down! Thank goodness, I didn't have to resort to violence!
Best Hug ever!
Stay tuned.
Our adventure continues!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So....What do you think of my new look?

Lori E. I took your advice to heart!



Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Can I stay here? Sign me up!!After 10 weeks and 4 days I finally get to see my baby boy! HALLELUJAH!! Now, I know calling him my baby boy doesn't seem quite right considering he's in the Army now - but, I can't help it! In my heart of hearts - he will always be my baby boy!
It's family weekend this Saturday and Sunday during basic training and I cannot wait!
We are still uncertain if it will be 12 hr. visits each day or a 72 hr. overnight pass. There was suppose to be some meeting today to decide. No matter! I will take what I can get!
My son's sweet, little girlfriend and I will be driving some 14 hours or so to get there!
The closest I've ever been to Columbus, GA. is a lay over in the Atlanta airport!
The closer it gets the more nervous I get! I haven't even looked at a map yet to figure out how to get there!

Not sure what my son will want to do - because it will be all about him!
I wonder if I can talk him into doing some sight seeing!
I wonder what kind of antique stores they have there!

I think that I am in love already!

A quick trip - leave on Friday and leave to come home Sunday night!
I see pure joy followed by exhaustion in my future!
I do love my Infantry Son - can you tell!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I found this gorgeous plate at my favorite store ever TJ Maxx!
I had planned to hang it in my daughter's/guest room.
This is where it ended up!
I was washing it after I took off the price stickers, it slipped, as if in slow motion between my fingers and I chipped a quarter size piece off the edge!
I was, needless to say, MAD at myself because it truly was exactly what I had been looking for except way better!
Instead of throwing it in the trash, I simply buried the imperfection and yet look at it's beauty! You can't even tell that I scarred it!
Love it!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just love these old pressed tin ceiling tiles!
They are currently hanging in my entryway.
One day at the hospital gift shop - of all places - I happened across these signs! Now, I will be the first to admit that I am pretty much a blue girl when it comes to decorating. Lately though, I have been incorporating hints of red. I love, love, love the red letters, but had to warm up to the green letters. Now, I love green! My eyes are green. Anyway, I decided I just had to have them! Now, I have had them a while because it takes me a while to figure out just the perfect spot. I decided to hang them in the entry way replacing the pressed tin ceiling tiles.
And, I just love them! It was hard to get a good picture because my entry way is not even quite 5 feet deep. I had to open up the front door and step out onto the porch to get a good picture.

They look old.

They have music incorporated into the background.
The background even looks like old postcards.
They are each different.

Yes, I love them and I love where they have ended up!
Now, to find a new home for my pressed tin tiles - I have a few possibilities!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Army Son!

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures!
Last weekend at Ft. Benning, GA. they had a pre-4th of July celebration.
Verizon was kind enough to have phones for the soldiers to use and talk as long as they wanted.
My son was also able to apparently take pictures with the phones as well. Knowing that his mom was no Techno-Wiz - he sent them to his sweet, little girlfriend, who then had them printed and she gave me copies yesterday! After I wiped away the tears...I was so glad to see that my son still looks like my son (he's the second from the left)!
Now then, I only had to figure out how to scan them and save them to my computer - my son always used to do it for me! Well, persistence pays off and I figured it out!
My Infantry Son, Kale!
Not that I'm proud or anything!


Thinking of Matthew and Kale and all the other loved ones who proudly serve our country!
I hope you have a happy, safe and loved filled holiday!

You wouldn't think that I would have one more thing to say about my master bedroom!
But, alas, just one more thing!
I want to share with you my latest acquisition - and I am thrilled to death!!
Yesterday, I went to an antique store that I have been going to for years. Immediately to my left, as I walked in, I saw this treasure pushed under a table and I got that feeling. You know, that feeling that you just stumbled across something perfect and if you walk away without it you will have huge buyers remorse!
Believe it or not I walked away! Came home and immediately turned around and went back. When I walked in there was this lady with tape measure in hand, measuring my treasure! The nerve!
Well, I had time to ask if the dealer would take any less - you know you have to ask - but, irregardless, I wasn't leaving without it!
I have been wanting one for years! And, this one has character! I can't make out all the words - what I can make out is this - SANTORIO PREMIUM BLEND COFFEE. Even if I didn't like it at the end of my bed, and by the way, I love it at the end of my bed, I thought what a perfect coffee table it would make!

Now, the only question remaining - What to put in it! Oh, I'll find something!