Sunday, May 31, 2009

I hope that everyone is having a restful Sunday!

I thought that I would share with you all my Master Bedroom.

I have totally re-done it over the last 6 months or so.

Initially, I had decided that I just wanted to re-paint my room.

I fell in love with Rhoda from Southern Living's Master Bedroom paint color.

She used a Sherwin Williams color called Blonde and I knew the minute that I saw it that it was the color for me!

I had a really nice Ralph Lauren bedding set and thought that once the walls were painted I would just incorporate the wall color into an article of bedding.

I had my daughter-in-law on the look out for a quilt that was similar to the wall color.

One day I got a call from her that she had found 2-3 different possibilities. After work I was on my way to see what she had found. Well, nothing that she had found was really what I had in mind. As I was trying to explain to her and show her the color that I was looking for, I found this Tommy Hilfiger comforter with the exact color in it!

Now, I'm going to tell you that I am a blue girl through and through. The background color of this quilt was something that I would have never looked for for myself. Needless to say, that because it had my exact wall color in it I had to have it! I met my friend Stacey from Poofing the Pillows for dinner that night and she loved it - at which point I knew that it was a keeper!!

I am also the kind of person that has to have everything coordinate. I want the matching sheets, dust ruffle, shams and throw pillows.

Well, I was able to get the matching sheets (2 sets!) and the Euro Shams. For the first time in my life I have pieced together the rest. It was just this last weekend at Kohl's that I found the needlepoint pillow and the 2 white pillows with the embroidered 'C' on them. They were pillows from a Chaps set that I had been eyeing because I knew that they would match. I found them on sale - even better, and of course, it doesn't hurt that my name is Cindy!

I really love how my room has turned out!

I love going to sleep and waking up in what I consider to be a haven!

This is a look from the door as you enter my room. Now, I do have to admit that I have one thing left to do and that is tackle my wall of windows! I have an idea of what I want to do and I am pretty sure that it will involve some plates above the windows in addition to the window treatments!

As far as I am concerned, a girl can never have to many pillows!

And of course, I love my plates!

This is my bedside table. I love my little 'It's a Wonderful Life' sign.

Here is a close up-

This is my dresser. The 2 pictures I just bought this past Wednesday at my favorite store TJ Maxx!!

A close up of the dresser. I just love those beads around the candles!

My entertainment center.

Love the sentiment on the little pillow!
Let's take a look inside.
As you enter my room this is immediately on your left and across from the bed.

Again, a closer look. My mother tells me that I need to simplify and get rid of the 'clutter/stuff' that I have on top of everything. I simply couldn't do it! I love to be surrounded by the things that I love!
Well, that's pretty much it!
I enjoyed sharing my room with you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I wanted to share with you my Memorial Day weekend project! I have been in the process of re-doing my daughter's room and no I am still not finished!
Last weekend I concentrated on painting the room!
I love the color that I chose! After going to Sherwin Williams, I ended up at Home Depot and in literally the first 10 minutes I found the exact match to the color in the comforter that I was looking for! Even the guys working there said that they didn't even think that they could have mixed it any better to match! I was sure scared, because, for me, nothing is ever that easy!!
I chose a Behr paint called Tea Cookie with an eggshell finish.
Again, I love it!!
I hope that you can tell that I decided to put the bed on the diagonal. And like my friend Stacey told me - it sure does take up a lot of room that way! But I will sure be leaving it that way. Every time that I walk down my hallway I get to see this beautiful bed!

Another view-

I'm showing you my double bedskirt. I love seeing it as well when I walk down the hall.
Another angle-
You can see a little of the window in this view. I'm going to have to ponder a while to figure out what I will do with it. It takes the west sun and can get pretty warm in there in the middle of summer.

I am showing you my bed because I want you to know that as much as I like this new look - I'm not done! I love pillows on a bed! So, I will be on the look out for some additional throw pillows! I have 14 pillows on my bed!

I have a collection of plates that I will be hanging on one wall! And I do love plates! I am still in the process of packing up the remnants of my little girl! I hope to have it done soon and will post the finished product!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I stumbled on to Barb's wonderful blog Grits & Glamour and I thought that it would be fun to participate in 'What's On Your Wall Wednesday.'
I have this arrangement above my couch in my living room.
The wooden, quilted piece is one of the very first things that I bought for myself as a single person. I feel in love with it the minute that I saw it! The piece is hand signed by the artist, Detweiler, 1987.
Over the years, I have added the sconces and the plates and I absolutely love it. I am the kind of person that makes very few changes when I have something that I'm in love with. I can honestly say, that I will probably never change this arrangement!

It has certainly been fun participating! I can't wait until next Wednesday!
I am going to have to figure how to get the date stamp turned off on my camera! Sorry about that.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, it has been 2 weeks now since my youngest son Kale left for basic training and I am sure missing him! This is him and his ever so sweet girlfriend Kacey at the airport just minutes before he had to leave.
Brotherly love! Kale and Nathan!
Thumbs Up - I'm sure that this is suppose to be a good thing!
Last Kiss
I have gotten 2 letters since he has been gone and I read them over and over. He has called 3 times with the last time being Friday and we only had 10 minutes. He said that he has sent a letter with his graduation date and a family weekend sometime in July. At least now I have something to look forward too and you know that Kacey and I will be at both!
2 down and 13 weeks to go! Gosh, it's going to be a long summer!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wanted to share my all time favorite picture of my one and only granddaughter, Kiera Marie!
She is sitting on her Uncle Nathan's lap and chewing on his Air Force Dog Tags! Careful Kiera! If lost behind enemy lines we have to be able to read them! We do want Uncle Nathan to come home, right Kiera?!
My son Nathan, granddaughter Kiera and one and only grandson Jaden!
There is nothing better in the whole wide world than being a grandmother!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I was invited to my friend Stacey's house for dinner last night. Her husband got a brand new custom made smoker and it was his very first time to use it! Everything that he smoked was wonderful, needless to say! But I'm not one to go empty handed! I brought a Hash Brown Casserole and I thought that I would share the recipe with you! My kids love it and there are usually no left overs!
Start with a really big bowl.
Here are the ingredients that you will need:
2 lbs. frozen hash browns
1 can cream of mushroom soup
16 oz. sour cream (not Lite!)
8 oz. shredded cheese (I use Colby-Jack)
1 onion, chopped
3 sticks softened butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix them all together.
Put in a 9 x 13 baking dish.
You can top with bread crumbs or crushed potato chips (I usually don't).
Bake at 375 degrees for 1 - 1 1/2 hrs. or until brown and bubbly.
And this is what it looks like when done:
I really love this recipe!
I like to make it for all those special holidays!
I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well, Stacey said that I should share one of my many collections, since down deep I really am a 'Collector At Heart.'
This is my Boyd's Bear Figurine Collection of Bearstones, Folkstones and Dollstones....
I have it in a curio cabinet that I got at an estate sale and I absolutely love it! I bought the set of pressed glass dishes that were in it and asked if the curio cabinet was for sale. Because the family hadn't finished dividing things up, I ended up leaving my name, number and offer. A week or so went by before I got a call that said the cabinet was mine if I still wanted it and off I went to get my new treasure! The family that I bought it from said that it had been in their family as long as they could remember. They were even pretty sure that it had been transported at one time by covered wagon! You can certainly tell by the glass that it is definitely old!
These are the top two shelves....
Third and Fourth shelves....
and finally, the bottom shelf...I even have pieces signed by the creator of Boyd's Bears, G.M. Lowenthal.
I counted the pieces inside my cabinet and there were a total of a 157 pieces including not only the figurines, but water globes and musical pieces as well!
My four year old grandson loves to come over and get on his knees in front of the cabinet and look, point and of course want to touch! But, we certainly don't go there!!
Now, in all honestly, I can say that I truly can't even remember when the last time was that I bought a piece. No matter. I love what I have! And who know what the future might bring my way! Right now, I really love the dollstones, because they depict little girls and boys engaging in everyday activities! Should I ever run across another piece who knows?!?
I think that the reason I stopped was because I ran out of room in my cabinet!
I enjoyed sharing one of my many collections with you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!
I am absolutely loving blog world!
Your words of encouragement and empathizing spirits have driven me to tears more than once!
To know that people I have never met are willing compassion, understanding and who have served to fortify my soul. My cup runneth over!
Last week, after my son left, I dreaded the drive home. Knowing that when I got home there would be no text messages or phone calls. I could work myself up to a pretty good panic.
Now, I look forward to coming home.
Excited at the thought of what I might post.
Anxious to read everybodies comments and I am really enjoying visiting your blogs!!
I am truly inspired and my list of projects grows!!
Again, Thank You!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, I have decided to begin this post with an introduction of sorts.
Everyone, I would like for you to meet Petee!
Before everyone goes running in the opposite direction, let me explain.
This is my son's pet Ball Python Snake and while he is away at basic training, for the next 13 weeks, guess what I get to do?!!?
I get to take care of Petee and I have only ever held him once!
Did I mention my terrible fear of snakes?!
I tried to pick Petee up and get a really good, close up picture.
But, his tail got caught on the side of his cage, he stretched out, I couldn't see his head, I thought he was going in for the kill and in a very quick manner, back in his cage he went! Whoooo...! Close call.
Did I mention my terrible fear of snakes?!
Well, on top of that, have you ever had to feed one?!!?
I'm not sure which was worse!
And did you know that there is a mouse etiquette of sorts?
When I went to the pet store to pick out a mouse for Petee's dinner I learned for the very first time that you don't go cute, go white!
So, mouse in hand, home I go!
Now, my next dilemma, how to get the mouse in the cage.
Holding the mouse by it's tail is almost as appealing as picking up Petee!
So I opted for the drop the mouse from the box method.
This was quite effective.
I left the room and when I returned, Petee was done with dinner.
Thank Goodness! I don't have to do this for another week!
Not sure how I am going to handle letting Petee go for a swim, but according to my son I'm suppose to do that do. Great!!
I have also considered letting Petee do a 13 week sleep over.
The things that we do for our children!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This afternoon my kids and two beautiful grandchildren tried out a new restaurant that my son heard about on the radio.
"Humble Pie" located in Edmond, Oklahoma. It has only been open about two months.
Their specialities:
New York Style Pizza and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.
Now, not having been to either New York or Chicago, I am no connoisseur!
But, I do like pizza! This is definitely a restaurant that we will visit again!

Today, we tried the Meat Lovers Deep Dish Pizza pictured above and
the Seven Cheese New York Style Pizza. We liked them both, but my favorite by far was the Meat Lovers!

I have my eye on The Vegan and The Margherita and of course the good ole Supreme!

This is definitely a place that I will take my son when he gets back from Fort Benning, Georgia!

Have you all ever seen this Mary Engelbreit book?

It is one of my favorites!

I just love to peruse it's pages!

I was truly inspired by it's cover, but wondered if I would ever come across half of a discarded wagon wheel! is my attempt at re-creating this vignette .

I have this hanging in my bedroom and I just love waking up to it! I even love my 'Count Your Blessings' Sign.

What do you think of my recreation?

Happy Sunday All,


Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have started this blog at the encouragement of my 2 best friends Cheryl and Stacey, partly, as therapy. You see, my youngest son left this week for basic training and will be gone for 13 weeks! My heart has truly ached these last few days as I miss him terribly! I need something to keep me occupied and I hope that the blogging world will help!