Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stacey at Poofing the Pillows was kind enough to share her Manhattan Deli Salad recipe with everyone.
That is where I started - and then I just started adding things.
I figured with a pasta salad you just can't go wrong - right?!
I followed her recipe, and then added things like cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, cubed cheddar cheese and pinto beans. I even considered adding sunflower seeds, but didn't have any!
I love Kraft's Tuscan House Italian Dressing and have used that on boxed pasta salad mixes that I have used in the past.
The Hormel 'Mini' Pepperoni makes it even easier!
Thanks Stacey! I now have something to eat this week when I get home from work. And, no more boxed pasta salads for me!


  1. Sounds so good and you know pasta salad gets better with time. I'm trying to track down St. Michael's wife and just can't make it work. I just posted a note to her. She visited my blog on May 24 but hasn't left a message since then so I don't know if she will see it or not.

  2. Sounds good! I like to add cannellini beans to my salads and I'm thinking some corn wouldn't be bad added to it too. Hope you have a good week! Twyla

  3. Hi Cindy!
    The pasta salad looks so delicious! I have never seen mini pepperoni, I MUST find them so I can try the recipe!