Friday, June 5, 2009

Today has been a good day!
I got a letter from my son, Kale, that continues his Basic Training at Ft. Benning!
5 wks. done and 10 wks. to go!
5 wks. until we go for our Family Weekend!
Not that anyone is counting!
He survived the pugil sticks, starting an IV, live grenades and the gas chamber!
His unit has lost 18 soldiers due to heat strokes! They had to have 5 ambulances come to take care of everyone! Just what this nurse mother wanted to hear!
Hug and hold your children close - because one day they grow up and they just might want to join the Army!


  1. Oh dear! I guess that's what makes them 'army strong'. Prayers for Kale. Have a nice weekend, Cindy! Twyla

  2. Oh Gosh! What an experience he's having this summer. Not quite like making sandwiches, huh. :)