Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Can I stay here? Sign me up!!After 10 weeks and 4 days I finally get to see my baby boy! HALLELUJAH!! Now, I know calling him my baby boy doesn't seem quite right considering he's in the Army now - but, I can't help it! In my heart of hearts - he will always be my baby boy!
It's family weekend this Saturday and Sunday during basic training and I cannot wait!
We are still uncertain if it will be 12 hr. visits each day or a 72 hr. overnight pass. There was suppose to be some meeting today to decide. No matter! I will take what I can get!
My son's sweet, little girlfriend and I will be driving some 14 hours or so to get there!
The closest I've ever been to Columbus, GA. is a lay over in the Atlanta airport!
The closer it gets the more nervous I get! I haven't even looked at a map yet to figure out how to get there!

Not sure what my son will want to do - because it will be all about him!
I wonder if I can talk him into doing some sight seeing!
I wonder what kind of antique stores they have there!

I think that I am in love already!

A quick trip - leave on Friday and leave to come home Sunday night!
I see pure joy followed by exhaustion in my future!
I do love my Infantry Son - can you tell!


  1. Hey there blogger buddy. My old eyes are having trouble reading the black letters. Have you tried white ones? I know it will show up differently on everyone's internet but you might try a change.

    That being said. How cool you get to see your precious son. The time is ticking by isn't it.

    Although you didn't know it you have a meme right here. You could have done 3 or More Tuesday. You have 3 pictures of fabulous old homes.
    You would have posted this and right clicked on the title of the post "Ft.Benning, GA, Here we come" and copied the link location.

    For this meme you would have gone to Tam's page @ The Gypsy's Corner (links on our pages when we join in)and then right clicked and pasted this post link into the Mr. Linky box at the bottom of her post. Add your name above it and you are done. I always use my blog name and not my user name to make it clear who I am.
    All that is asked is that you visit as many of the other participants as possible.

    Gosh I have gone on and on here. You could have used this for reading material on the trip to Ft. Benning.
    Any questions just ask and I hope to see you in some of the meme/themes.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I admit that I am so sad that I can't go this weekend, but I am so happy for you and your Son. Matthew sent a letter saying they got issued their dress uniforms and would be wearing them for family weekend. I hope he finds a way to get a picture to me. Have a safe trip and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

  3. My babies will Always be my babies! I am so happy for you! You are going to have such a good time. I love a road trip. Maybe you can talk your son into some antique stores. Have a fun and safe trip! Twyla