Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just love these old pressed tin ceiling tiles!
They are currently hanging in my entryway.
One day at the hospital gift shop - of all places - I happened across these signs! Now, I will be the first to admit that I am pretty much a blue girl when it comes to decorating. Lately though, I have been incorporating hints of red. I love, love, love the red letters, but had to warm up to the green letters. Now, I love green! My eyes are green. Anyway, I decided I just had to have them! Now, I have had them a while because it takes me a while to figure out just the perfect spot. I decided to hang them in the entry way replacing the pressed tin ceiling tiles.
And, I just love them! It was hard to get a good picture because my entry way is not even quite 5 feet deep. I had to open up the front door and step out onto the porch to get a good picture.

They look old.

They have music incorporated into the background.
The background even looks like old postcards.
They are each different.

Yes, I love them and I love where they have ended up!
Now, to find a new home for my pressed tin tiles - I have a few possibilities!


  1. I absolutely love those letters! Where did you find them? Not that I have a place for them...

  2. Those are pretty cool. They would look great in a music room.

  3. I love those letters! I love the sentiment too, how perfect for your entryway. Twyla