Saturday, July 4, 2009

You wouldn't think that I would have one more thing to say about my master bedroom!
But, alas, just one more thing!
I want to share with you my latest acquisition - and I am thrilled to death!!
Yesterday, I went to an antique store that I have been going to for years. Immediately to my left, as I walked in, I saw this treasure pushed under a table and I got that feeling. You know, that feeling that you just stumbled across something perfect and if you walk away without it you will have huge buyers remorse!
Believe it or not I walked away! Came home and immediately turned around and went back. When I walked in there was this lady with tape measure in hand, measuring my treasure! The nerve!
Well, I had time to ask if the dealer would take any less - you know you have to ask - but, irregardless, I wasn't leaving without it!
I have been wanting one for years! And, this one has character! I can't make out all the words - what I can make out is this - SANTORIO PREMIUM BLEND COFFEE. Even if I didn't like it at the end of my bed, and by the way, I love it at the end of my bed, I thought what a perfect coffee table it would make!

Now, the only question remaining - What to put in it! Oh, I'll find something!




  1. That is the perfect piece isn't it. It looks great there. Thankfully you got it before she did. Now on some other blog a lady is griping about the woman who snagged "her" perfect box before she even finished measuring it.

  2. Cindy that is just beautiful! I can't believe how pretty that wood is and how pretty it looks with your room. That room is gorgeous!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you bought it! Twyla