Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

I have one last homage to summer!
This weekend we took my only 2 grandchildren to the local elementary school to fly a kite - they've never flown one before! Now, they were pretty excited, considering they had no clue what they were about to do!
O.K. Jaden - now hold this....
He hopes that he is doing it right!
Keira was wondering just what am I suppose to be doing?!
Poor Uncle Kale had to give up his sunglasses because 'Grandma, the sun keeps closing my eyes!'
Now, Uncle Nathan is quite the photographer! He was laying on his back behind Jaden to get these pictures! You can bet that I will be getting these developed at Wal-Mart. I just love how they turned out! And one of these days I'm going to figure out how to get that date stamp turned off!!
Uncle Nathan, am I doing this right? Is Spiderman high enough??
Keira had to have her turn. She just turned 3, so Uncle Nathan had to help. Now she flew the Spiderman kite, but she kept asking me where her Dora kite was?!? Do you think that I will still be able to find a Dora kite? Because you know that this grandma will be on the look out for one!
Of course, the kite excitement didn't last to long - because before we knew it they wanted to play on the playground!
It was amazing really. You see my oldest son who is 26 started at this school when it opened! Actually, all of my children attended this elementary school. The boys just kept saying that the playground just seemed so much bigger back then. Does time really change things all that much? It just seems like yesterday that I walked them onto that very playground for their first days of school. Really - it seems like just yesterday!


  1. Hi! thanks for stopping by to visit. It is nice to meet you. I've been a nurse for 32 years so we are pretty close in experience. I've been an office nurse for most of my career as it was easier when my daughter was young. I now am an occupational health nurse for a research company here in San Antonio for the past eight years.
    Glad to see that you collect blue and white china. I have a pretty big collection (enough that I don't know where else to store it!!) Stop by again and I'll do the same.!

  2. Another generation goes by. I have never flown a kite. Poor deprived childhood.
    Lucky grandkids.

  3. Those pictures turned out so cute. I think you need to frame them. :)