Sunday, September 13, 2009

O.K. so this is my second attempt to join in on Mary's Mosaic Monday - I think that I experienced some technical difficulties last week!
Of all of my Royal Copley pieces, the dogs are one of my favorites! The dog with his paw raised, the dog with the cello and the black and white dog in the center are probably the ones with the most value! That black and white dog in the center is actually a lamp base! I may even get brave one day and attempt to convert it back into a lamp - I hear that there are even kits out there for doing that!

Thanks for stopping by!
Any comments or suggestions as to how I could improve my mosaics are always welcome! This is only my second attempt at a mosaic. I am using Picasa 3 and I played a little more with some of its features! I enjoyed it even more this week!
Thanks Mary from Little Red House for hosting such a fun event!
For more mosaics - head on over and visit Mary's blog!


  1. You have a fine collection. I love the dog with the cello. Mary has a tutorial in her blog about mosaics. It is very helpful. I use it with mine alternately with Photoshop.

    Ebie's Mosaic

  2. Oh what a cute collection! thanks for sharing at Mosaic Monday. :)

  3. What a nice collection and your photo's are great. Sharon

  4. What a cute collection! Love your mosaic!

  5. Oh, these are so cute. Your collection is great. I really like the dog with the mailbox. He is adorable. Great mosaic.

  6. The dogs have the cutest little faces. They really are an example of a more innocent time.

  7. Cathy, these are adorable! Your mosaic turned out great, but I am absolutely in love with those cute little doggies! Your blog looks so pretty. laurie