Monday, September 7, 2009


Well, college football started this weekend and the Oklahoma State Cowboys played the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday in what was the most highly anticipated game in school history! And guess who won 24 to 10!?! The Cowboys did!!
Now I love a good football game, but what I love even more is the tail-gaiting that precedes the game! There were 3 families, 2 grills and numerous friends that wandered in and out - some to visit and some to grab a bite to eat! The menu this week included hamburgers, brauts, chips, BLT dip, baked beans, cookies, cake etc.! As always, there was more than enough!

The OSU campus is so beautiful! We tailgait right next to this wonderful pond and we love to watch all the people go by!

You see all sorts.....

Now here is my son, he's the one on the right! He plays the tenor saxophone and loves OSU football! He just finished his basic training in Georgia. His drill sergeants knew that he would be returning to school in Stillwater and he couldn't help but wonder if they watched the game and would they be able to pick him out on the field at half time by his militaristic marching ability? I'm sure son - LOL!!

My daughter just fell in love with this twirler! Now she thinks that because she is in high school color guard and can do rifles and sabers, in addition to flags, how hard could it be to learn how to twirl! Because, she wants to learn! Do people give twirling lessons? I'm looking for one!! Hey, son, can you hook me up with the twirler - maybe she gives lessons!!

And of course, when it was all over, some of the leftovers went to the geese! That is my daughter and one of my best friends in the whole world, Chery, from Chery's Apple Basket and she was hand feeding the geese, but then they would go after her cute footballs on her flip flops!

Well that is how I spent my Saturday! And needless to say by the time we got home - it was nap time!


  1. I can't believe we missed this event! I was waving the wheat at Aunt Glenda's house. :)

  2. It was a great game! Thanks for sharing your photos from Theta Pond. I lived in Willard Hall my freshman & sophomore years. I love that pond!