Sunday, May 3, 2009

Have you all ever seen this Mary Engelbreit book?

It is one of my favorites!

I just love to peruse it's pages!

I was truly inspired by it's cover, but wondered if I would ever come across half of a discarded wagon wheel! is my attempt at re-creating this vignette .

I have this hanging in my bedroom and I just love waking up to it! I even love my 'Count Your Blessings' Sign.

What do you think of my recreation?

Happy Sunday All,



  1. Hi Cindy,

    I came over to say hi from Stacey's blog. I hope the basic training goes by quickly and your son does well. I know you will miss him right now. I will pray that he ends up stationed somewhere "safe" after his basic training.

    I LOVE those plates with the wagon wheel. CUTE!!!

  2. Hi Cindy! I like your re-creation of the wall better than the original. I LOVE your plates; can we ever have enough? No, don't bother answering, I know that one already. :-)

    My heart is with you and your family. You must be very proud of your son but along with that comes your worry, and your missing him. I hope joining the blogging world helps! I know it's helped me in my empty nest; it's good to connect.

    Blessings -- Cass

  3. I have that very same book! I love Mary Engelbreit. You've done a marvelous job recreating the look. It is great that you took the idea and made it your own. I read why you started this blog and can only imagine how you must miss your son. If you ever want to talk, I'm here. Have a wonderful Sunday! Twyla

  4. Hi Cindy! Welcome to Blogland!! I'm stopping in from Stacey's beautiful place! I love love your creation; so pretty and creative; I happen to like what you put instead of the wagon wheel!!! My only child (daughter) left our nest Dec. 1 @ 3:00PM!!lol and I am still trying to adjust; thankfully she is only a half hour away but it is still difficult not having her here so I can relate somewhat to your heartache! Just take comfort in knowing someone is watching out for him daily and he will be well taken care of in the military training and will gain lifelong, valuable lessons from it! As moms I don't think we ever truly are able to let go completely no matter where they are! I blog for the same reason to keep my mind occupied!!!lol Although warning VERY ADDICTIVE!!! Love your blog look and I look forward to visiting you often! Sincerely, Jeannette

  5. I feel for daughter moved to Hong Kong last year and was gone for a full year teaching school there. She got so homesick, china is not a fun place to be...but she is home now and your will be before you know it. I hope that you love blogging. I did not want to do it for the longest time and now I am so hooked..

  6. Hi Cindy, I am coming over through Stacey's blog...LOOOOOVE that girl, Stacey!
    Your recreation is beautiful!!!

    You will love blogging and it will help you to get through this time!!! Praying for you and your son! Nancy

  7. Hey! How did you get your brand new blog lookin' soooo FINE already! Woo-hoo! (There may be hope for me yet!) I know you are going to be a wonderful blogger, and it will be a wonderful focus for you while you are waiting for that baby to finish basic training! (Plus we'll all get to benefit from reading it! So thank you for sharing this time!)

    Best wishes on this new venture! (I'll be checking on ya!)

  8. Stacey sent me over to check out your new blog, and I'm loving it! This wall arrangement is so pretty. I'm adding you and your son to my prayer list. Welcome to Blogville. laurie