Sunday, May 3, 2009

This afternoon my kids and two beautiful grandchildren tried out a new restaurant that my son heard about on the radio.
"Humble Pie" located in Edmond, Oklahoma. It has only been open about two months.
Their specialities:
New York Style Pizza and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.
Now, not having been to either New York or Chicago, I am no connoisseur!
But, I do like pizza! This is definitely a restaurant that we will visit again!

Today, we tried the Meat Lovers Deep Dish Pizza pictured above and
the Seven Cheese New York Style Pizza. We liked them both, but my favorite by far was the Meat Lovers!

I have my eye on The Vegan and The Margherita and of course the good ole Supreme!

This is definitely a place that I will take my son when he gets back from Fort Benning, Georgia!


  1. Hm-m-m-m that looks good ! I love pizza.
    And welcome to blog land ! Stacey sent me !

  2. Hello Cindy...

    I'm just coming over from Stacey's blog...wanted to meet you and give you a big ol' warm welcome to blogland!!!

    I just read through all of your posts. Darlin' I'm so sorry that you're missing your son so much...understandable! You must be so very proud of him...making the decision to join the Army and serve our country! So very honorable!!! I appreciate each and every one of our men and women who give of themselves to serve our great country!!!

    I do think that you'll enjoy your decision to start a blog! I have been blogging for about 9 mos. and have had so much fun with it!!! I have met so many sweet people here and have made some great friends!!! It really has changed my life in a positive way! I'm a retired teacher and I'm really enjoying being a housewife...I have learned so much from fellow bloggers...been so inspired!!! My home looks totally different now since I began blogging...I've just been so encouraged and inspired to make so many changes! Hehe!!! Which leads me to say...I love, love, love what you did with your wall!!! Love those beautiful blue & white plates...and Girl, Mary Englebreit (sp?) has nothing on you!!! I like your pretty ornate piece much better then that ol' wagon wheel! hehe! Seriously!!! Great job!!!

    Well...I'm writing a book here and really should close! It's so very nice to meet you, Cindy!!! Best wishes with your blogging experience!!! Come by for a're welcomed any time!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  3. Isn't pizza just about the perfect food?! I don't know anyone who doesn't love pizza. I love the name of that resturant. My son and I just tried a new one here in town called Wheat State pizza. The crust was wheat and I loved it. Ah, so many pizzas, so little time. Have a great day! Twyla

  4. You know while I was cleaning up my kitchen earlier I was thinking about having pizza for dinner tonight. Thanks for making up my mind for me.
    Any suggestion for drinks?