Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!



  1. How cute! Same to you friend.

    Just took Tanner to the doctor. He has the flu!

  2. I just came by to peak at your blog today. Not sure how I got here but so HAPPY I came by. I have a collection of Boyds too. I have traveled to Gettysburg and was so excited to be at the Boyds big barn. Oh honey I was zipping out the credit card like I needed those bears like one needs air. I had to have most shipped home as they would not fit in the overhead bin on the airplane. That was my husbands thinking so that cost him more $$ because I kept buying more. I have all my Boyds packed up in storage now except a few and I miss them. I may have to take them out of hibernation now after seeing your amazing collection. Happy Mothers day to you and I will come by again.

  3. I hope your day was Happy, too! Twyla