Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, I have decided to begin this post with an introduction of sorts.
Everyone, I would like for you to meet Petee!
Before everyone goes running in the opposite direction, let me explain.
This is my son's pet Ball Python Snake and while he is away at basic training, for the next 13 weeks, guess what I get to do?!!?
I get to take care of Petee and I have only ever held him once!
Did I mention my terrible fear of snakes?!
I tried to pick Petee up and get a really good, close up picture.
But, his tail got caught on the side of his cage, he stretched out, I couldn't see his head, I thought he was going in for the kill and in a very quick manner, back in his cage he went! Whoooo...! Close call.
Did I mention my terrible fear of snakes?!
Well, on top of that, have you ever had to feed one?!!?
I'm not sure which was worse!
And did you know that there is a mouse etiquette of sorts?
When I went to the pet store to pick out a mouse for Petee's dinner I learned for the very first time that you don't go cute, go white!
So, mouse in hand, home I go!
Now, my next dilemma, how to get the mouse in the cage.
Holding the mouse by it's tail is almost as appealing as picking up Petee!
So I opted for the drop the mouse from the box method.
This was quite effective.
I left the room and when I returned, Petee was done with dinner.
Thank Goodness! I don't have to do this for another week!
Not sure how I am going to handle letting Petee go for a swim, but according to my son I'm suppose to do that do. Great!!
I have also considered letting Petee do a 13 week sleep over.
The things that we do for our children!

Talk to you soon,


  1. I knew Petee right when I saw the little picture on my sidebar! You know Spencer would be happy to snake sit. :) Tanner would love it too. Or we could just come feed and take care of him.

  2. Hi Cindy!
    Welcome to blogland! I found you by way of Stacey. I'm Cheryl's cousin, Carol. Hope you stop by my blog soon for a visit.

    I admire you for taking care of Petee! I'm afraid of snakes too!


  3. Morning Cindy! You are right the things we do! I think I might have to draw the line here though!!!lol Yuck and double yuck! I wouldn't sleep if this thing was in my house!!! What a good mom you are!!! I hope you are rewarded on Sunday!!lol Take care, Jeannette

  4. Oh Cindy! Certainly there are limits to a mother's love! I don't know which I am afraid of more - snakes or mice! You deserve a Really nice Mother's day gift! Twyla

  5. OMG! You are so good to do this for your son. I'm not sure I could! You're a good mother. laurie

  6. Not once, not ever, not if he begged,pleaded, cried or threatened, not if I were the last human on earth never would I be in that house with that beautiful creature. Couldn't, wouldn't, can't, won't.