Sunday, June 14, 2009

I did something today that made me jump up and down I was so excited about how it turned out!

I have been in the process of re-doing my daughter's room/guest room.

Well, the bed is totally done, throw pillows and all, there's only 12!

When I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday they had all their wall decor half price!

I found this cute little 'RELAX' sign in just the right colors, so I thought surely I could find a spot for it. When I got home I just threw it on the bed when I was unpacking everything and thought 'WOW, that looks good!' I propped it up against the middle throw pillow and I think I really love it there. It just might have to stay there!

Here's a close up view....

Then, this is what I am really excited about! I found these pictures!

They contain the exact colors that are in all the bedding! And, I just love the sayings!

I decided to throw in a white plate to tie in the white that is also in the bedding. I am going to be doing a vignette with white plates, 1 red plate and 1 black plate on the opposite wall. I also have another idea for above the chest of drawers.

Here's the view from the door!

Yep, happy dance!!

Well, I'm going to go and layout plates and see if I can come up with an arrangement for the opposite wall that I just love! Sometimes I have to ponder things a while!

Hope that you are having a relaxing Sunday!




  1. Don't you just love it when the pieces fall together. I did that once after buying plants at the garden centre. When I got home and opened the back of my van the yellow Cape Fushia was right next to some purple Angelonia and it was a match I didn't even think of. Perfection.

  2. Hi friend! Just got home from Dallas and I'm pooped. My computer is in the's sick. Erin's room is perfect. I really like the pictures you found.

  3. I love that bedding and all 12 pillows! The wall decor is perfect in there. laurie