Saturday, June 13, 2009

A quick Saturday afternoon project!
I've been told that spray paint can be a wonderful thing!
So....I thought I would try it for myself.
I have been unhappy with this vignette since I re-did my bedroom.
Can you say boring!
Well, a little spray paint and drying time later....
This is what I ended up with!
A closer view....
Yep! I think I'm liking it!
Not quite so sure about the figure...but, it's a piece I've had since I became a mother, that's 26 years old. I'm attached emotionally!
I have a clock that I might try there instead and find another home for the little boy figure.
Loving it!

What next?
It's amazing that such a small thing can bring me joy!
I hope that everyone had a good week!
We buried a family friend this week.
My son that is away in basic training, it was one of his baseball coaches and boy scout leaders.
We have known this family since my son was in the first grade.
I decided that I will wait to tell my son when I see him for family weekend next month. I didn't want to tell him that kind of news in a letter.
Well, I'm off to Hobby Lobby.
I have another decorating idea...


  1. Sorry for your sad news.

    I don't paint much with spray paint because I never think of it. It is amazing what you guys come up with using it.

  2. The candlesticks look great, and I love the bling around the top of them! I'm so sorry about your friend. laurie

  3. You did a wonderful job on your first try with spray paint. It is great when small things make us happy. I'm so sorry that sadness was part of your week. Have a nice Sunday. Twyla