Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winter is an etching,
Spring a watercolor,
Summer an oil painting,
and autumn a mosaic of them all!
Stanley Horowitz

I'm ready for cool, crisp autumn air.
Soups that slow cook all day long, homemade bread!
Acorns, pumpkins and grandchildren that think that there is nothing better than to throw leaves in the air!
Friday night high school football games, cuddled under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate - Chery's ~Apple~ Basket that's for you !
Wearing sweaters.
A fire in the fire place and cookies in the oven!
I'm ready for fall y'all!


  1. Oh I am with you Cindy. Fall is the best.
    I was here earlier today. Boy you made a quick change didn't you. Fall is here.

  2. I looked for an email address for you and couldn't find one.
    I went to the Christmas countdown on my page today to redo it and my google told me the site was compromised. I removed it from my site. It wasn't necessarily the countdown site but something that had connected to it with malware. I took mine off even though I liked having it.

  3. Yes ma'am! This cool weather is especially making me want it to come on. Is it too early to decorate for fall yet?