Tuesday, August 25, 2009

O.K. so I have to do one last post on my son's graduation from Army basic training!
It was really a wonderful ceremony steeped in tradition - including the very soil on which they walked. This field was composed of soil from previous battlefields - Vicksburg, Normandy, Korea, etc.
After the Army band played a few patriotic, inspiring numbers - we began to see the smoke plumes in the distance!
The Drill Sergeant's were leading their men and advancing on the enemy! Believe it or not, that is my son, on the very left. He was one of only 2 in his platoon that was picked to participate in this part of the graduation ceremony!
To the left of us out of the woods we began to hear gun fire and what sounded like gernades or mortar fire!
I hope and pray in my heart of hearts that my son never has to do this for real!
He ended up right in front of us! We were sitting right on the front row!
He's showing the audience whatever that is on his back - you'd think that this army mom would remember what it is....Sorry, I was to busy trying not to cry and take pictures at the same time!
Really....hard to believe that is my son!
All of their equipment had already been turned in and so this equipment was all borrowed. He could tell that his helmet with night vision capabilities was crooked - but, he couldn't fix it!My son, a U.S. Army Soldier. A member of the Infantry! Blood before surrender or dishonor!
I am so proud of him!
At the time, it was hard not to think of all the soldiers that graduated that day.....how many of those young men would pay the ultimate price serving their country to protect the very freedoms that we are blessed with! It was a fleeting thought - because that day was a day of celebration!
My cup runneth over that day!!
Thank goodness that he is now home! In a matter of 2 days he went from sleeping in the barracks in Ft. Benning, GA. to sleeping in the dorms at Oklahoma State University! He will be a sophmore and will now serve in the Oklahoma National Guard while he obtains his degree after which he will then consider his military options!
My son - this is for you.
Know how very proud I am of what you have accomplished!
Know how very proud your father would have been of you!
I love you my son!
Hugs and Kisses,
Licks and Shakes,
That is how I signed every letter that I sent him - from me and our precious Hudson, the dog!
Thanks for listening!


  1. How cool! They look like GIJoes.

  2. Your dog tag says it all. Typical mom. Straighten that helmet for the picture. Lol.