Sunday, August 23, 2009

I shared my blog with one of the girls that I work with and she fell in love with my plate vignettes. She asked me to be on the look out for plates for her and to pick them up for her if I found any. Well, on our trip down to Ft. Benning, GA. we stopped for dinner in Alabaster, Alabama and just adjacent to the restaurant was a strip mall with my favorite store TJ Maxx. I begged the girls to let me go and thank goodness they indulged me!! Well....look what I found!

Now, this happens to be a color that my co-worker was looking for, it was only $3.99 and in the event that she didn't like it, I thought that it would go well in my master bedroom. So, I made my purchase and back on the road we went! When we got to the hotel that night I unwrapped my purchase to really look at it. Can you see what I found! There are 2 price stickers - the one from TJ Maxx and that a European pound mark that I see??

And then take a look at the back. This was the Spode mark on the back. Again, not what I am used to.

This is the Spode markings that I am used to.

Now, I'm not really sure what I have found! Was it for sale somewhere in Europe? Was it on it's way to be sold in Europe? Is it a Spode wanna-be? I'm not really sure. But, needless to say.....Jane, my friend, I'm sorry, but I think that I just might have to keep this one!


  1. Gorgeous! You know I love those red and white plates.

  2. Well you had good intentions. She will understand I am sure. (she can't fire you can she?)

  3. I think it will look beautiful in your bedroom and you'll smile everytime you look at it! Twyla