Monday, August 24, 2009

I thought that I would join in on Smiling Sally's Blue Monday!
One of the things that bring me great joy are mixing bowls - of all things! But, I do have a thing for bowls - be still my heart!
I have a Hoosier type kitchen cabinet and a Possum Belly cabinet in my eating area in my kitchen. So let's just take a look for the blue bowls....
This one holds my potatoes!
Function as well as beauty! I remember picking this one up in an antique store in Guthrie, OK.
O.K. now, take a look at the top shelf of my possum belly cabinet...Oh by the way, notice where my rooster pictures ended up?!
Three sets of mixing bowls. I use the middle one for the Fourth of July!
Some I have had so long that I have forgotten where I got them! But, I still love them!!
Yes, that's blue around those bowls!
Now, let's take a look inside my kitchen cabinet - middle shelf...
I just love this set of Pyrex mixing bowls!
Well, girls I had better not overwhelm you with all my blue bowls, but that was a definite taste!
Now let's go on over and see Smiling Sally and peruse the blue!!


  1. Your blue bowls are lovely, and so is that cabinet they are on. laurie

  2. Perfect for Blue Monday! You have so many gorgeous things. Maybe you need to help me get more on my walls.

  3. You have a wonderful collection of blue bowls. Thanks for sharing your blues. Happy Blue Monday.

  4. To heck with the blue bowls. Would you look at those beautiful cupboards. Oh my I love those. The are so country. Right up my alley.

  5. Well, you know blue is my favorite color so I loved all your bowls! I also love your possum belly cupboard. I love that country style! Twyla

  6. Very nice blues. I also love your possum cupboard. Everything looks lovely.

  7. Loved your blue bowl. I also think you have a very nicely decorated kitchen. I like everything about it.

  8. I love your collection of blue bowls. Your photos of them are terrific. You really have a wonderful kitchen. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  9. What a beautyful collection of bowls you have!
    Just lovely. Have a very nice Blue Monday,